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About us

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Our professional firm is located in the center of Barcelona and has teams of professionals in real estate management, all of whom are dedicated solely and exclusively to this field, tackling this complex sector strategically, both through technical-architectural means and from a legal-financial perspective, which allows our clients to minimise their risks and increase their success rate in future investments.

Our firm has extensive experience in the legal, financial and technical sectors, particularly in the management of real estate assets. This allows us to have a more adjusted and effective vision in the defence of our clients’ interests.

Real estate management

"Extensive experience in the legal, financial and technical sectors"

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All these aspects have offered us the opportunity to train professionals in the real estate sector (APIS), in the way to proceed when implementing the construction regulations, with the laws that make up the technical-legal criteria that support it in the preparation of expert reports, in terms of hidden defects, construction pathologies, asset valuations, etc.

Within the technical-constructive branch, our office provides different services, emphasizing fundamentally in the preparation of expert reports on the possible pathologies of a property, as well as in the elaboration of partial plans, changes of use, legalization of new-old works, segregations, aggregations, etc.

On the other hand, from the legal area and with the different professionals of the technical department of our company, different services are provided, among them, legal claims in civil or criminal proceedings, especially within the real estate sector, as well as, the legal assistance in procedures of foreigners, family law, civil, commercial law, inheritance and donations, urbanism, labor, criminal, etc.